Who is the best Formula 1 driver today?

There is no dispute when it comes to motorsport that Formula 1 is the most exciting and entertaining. Millions of fans all around the world follow the sport avidly, tuning in to watch qualifying and the races them selves. Everybody has their favourite team and driver, but who is best?

All-time greats

The sport of Formula 1 has had its share of greats throughout the years. Michael Schumacher, Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna are just some of the names people might mention when asked to come up with the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time. But it isn’t easy to compare drivers of the past with today’s crop. The sport has changed so much. It has become faster and more competitive, and scientific and technical advances mean that even if it were possible for drivers of yesteryear to get behind the wheel of one of today’s vehicles they might not be as good a driver as any of the current roster of Formula 1 stars. Simply put, ther can be no real comparison.

The best of today

Choosing the best of anything is very subjective and there’s no difference to this when it concerns Formula 1 drivers.

An online poll among fans is the closest thing to gaining an accurate idea of who the current greatest driver is. 50,000 fans from all over the world voted and the results are in.

It was no surprise to see Vettel and Raikkonen in the mix inside the top, but the biggest shock might be that Lewis Hamilton, despite his success in recent years, was only in second spot. The winner with an impressive 16.9% of the vote (Hamilton was pipped narrowly with 16.1%) was Spain’s Fernando Alonso. This is surprising as he has struggled somewhat with McLaren-Honda, but the fans have spoken.

Best team

The same survey asked fans to choose their favourite Formula 1 team. Red Bull and Mercedes were tied in third place with McLaren in the number two slot. Not surprisingly, the fans’ favourite is still as it has been for a long time, and by quite a margin the winner was declared to be Ferrari.

You might not agree with the outcome of the survey, but 50,000 people is a very large cross section to use to make such a decision. In any case, debate around sport is something which makes it more interesting and the discussion over who is best will continue as long as the sport still exists.

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