Best magazines to read for auto sport enthusiasts

Hi guys! This time I would like to share with you a list with most interesting magazines, which I discover this year. Enjoy and give me feedback on them!

Auto World

The magazine has been published continuously since 1995, appearing in the form of a paper magazine. It presents new developments in the automotive market, as well as a number of practical information on buying and operating cars. The test of new and used cars is carried out with the same element.

“Auto World” also offers special extras. Each of them is devoted to another aspect of motorization. On every last Monday of the month plus a weekly, there is a Market supplement – where there are announcements about buying and selling cars and practical articles devoted to the car market. Since December 2007, the bimonthly magazine has been devoted exclusively to themes related to all-wheel drive cars, 4×4 Auto, as well as the monthly magazine dedicated to Auto Swiat Sport cars.

The magazine regularly organizes contests for the best amateur driver, best off-roader, and plebiscite for the best car.

4 × 4 OFF ROAD

Miesiecznik about off-road cars. Inside, we find various articles devoted to cars, rallies and off-road events. In addition, we will read descriptions of vehicles and equipment, we will get expert advice, gara news about cars, car clubs and tuning.

Auto Moto

“Auto Moto” is a magazine addressed primarily to motoring enthusiasts who require deep knowledge. The characteristic feature of Auto Moto is the theme of every edition (eg SUV market, used cars, novelty).

The subject matter of the letter includes mainly novelties, tests and comparisons. Supplements are lifestyle activities such as “Travel” or “Magazine”, on lamas which are presented market news from the border of automotive and interesting gadgets. As it is established for a month, which is also the task of providing entertainment, it can not lack material devoted to cult cars.

Classic Auto

“Classic Auto” is a thematic monthly, devoted to old and new, and in any case to cars that can be labeled “classic”. The sections in which the magazine’s articles are published are: Classic Auto Testing, which will find the technical specifications and performance of selected models and impressions of their use; News where different kinds of fresh information related to the automotive and the car market are waiting; The law offering useful tips and articles related to purchasing, importing or owning a car; The market follows the development and fate of the largest automotive companies and covers industry events such as fairs and premieres; Events, which are a place for descriptions of sports competitions involving cars. Each issue is also beautiful car photos and rich photoreslation.

“Classic Auto” is also the basis of the announcement of the purchase or sale of cars.

Automotive Industry

The automotive division of Interia is a service dedicated to fans of motorization and off-road, sport, historic, but also motorcycles. The site offers tips, tests and reviews of new and used cars, news from the world of motoring and events from events and events such as the motor show. You can also get acquainted with rallies and car racing.

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