22 interesting facts about the Tour de France

If you are a fan of the Tour de France or just like cycling, you will be interested to learn a few cognitive and little-known facts about this legendary race.

1. The Longest Tour

If in 2014 the race lasted 3,663 kilometers, then in 1926 was the longest tour of 5,745 km.

2. A lot of bottles

In the last race, all Tour teams used more than 42,000 water jars.

3. Record of the won stages

The record of the largest number of stages won by one rider belongs to Eddie Merckx, who first completed 34 stages.

4. Nickname Tour de France

The second name of this race is La Grande Boucle, which means “Big Loop”, because of the route followed by the participants.

5. Calories Won

The average driver during each stage spends 4000-5000 calories, which in the amount for the whole Tour is 123 900 calories, this is equivalent to 252 double cheeseburgers from fast food.

6. Turns of the pedals

The average number of turns of the pedals during a 3-week race is 486,000, which is an average of about 90 revolutions per minute.

7. Alcohol

Until the 1960s, the practice of drinking alcohol was common among participants in order to drown out the pain, but soon the use of alcohol was banned because it was considered a stimulant.

8. Active sweating

During the entire Tour de France race, the participants sweat so much that, on average, they take out a liquid amounting to 39 trips to the toilet.

9. Viewers

Every year the race gathers around 12 million spectators around its route, which makes the Tour the largest sporting event in the world.

10. Finishers

In 1919, the race finished the smallest number of participants in its history – 10 riders.

11. Days of rest

In the days between the stages the riders do not rest. They pass at least 2 hours to reduce the level of lactic acid and keep concentration on the race.

12. The smallest gap

The smallest time gap of the second place from the winner was recorded in 1989, when Greg Lemond beat Laurent Fignon by only 8 seconds.

13. The prize fund

The total prize fund, which combines the sum of all the prize money (for stages, sprints, general classification) is $ 4.3 million. That’s almost as much as you can make in new slots UK if you play them right.

14. Tour de France on TV

Every year around the world, the Tour de France broadcasts about 3.5 billion viewers.

15. Tires

During the three-week race participants use about 790 tires.

16. Restoration days

In the early years of the Tour de France, the participants had 14 days of rest instead of two, and often the race was held at night, and in the afternoon the riders were restored.

17. Little tricks

The winner of the Tour of 1947, Jean Robich is known for having received bottles filled with lead at the top of the rises to gain an advantage on the descent.

18. Yellow T-shirt

The record for the longest possession of the yellow jersey leader belongs to the legendary Eddie Merckx, who wore her 96 days.

19. Women’s Tour de France

Last year, women traveled the last stage of the Tour separately from men. Although this is a landmark event, but not the first of its kind. Between 1984 and 1989, the Women’s Tour was the 18th stage of the race. The first winner was the American Marianne Martin.

20. The first winner

The first winner of the Tour de France was Maurice-Francois Garen, who won the race in 1904, but was later disqualified for cheating, because he was fed from one of the cars, and this was prohibited by the rules.

21. Average speed

The highest average speed was recorded in 2005 and was 41.36 km / h, for comparison, in 1919 this figure was 23.98 km / h.

22. The main prize

The winner of the Tour de France receives a cash prize of $ 609,525. By tradition, the riders share this money equally with all teammates.

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