The best racing games for mobile phones

Racing is one of the species that many people find best on consoles or computers with joystick – or a peripheral circle if you feel a flash. However, many programmers also transfer this genre to mobile devices. Here are some of the best Android and iOS racing games that are worth choosing from app stores.

Race the Sun

race the sun

Forget about cars: the best mobile driver can be the one that gives you control over a solar powered glider. You are catching up with the overlapping sun – hence the name – with the world around you changing every day you play. Some clever ideas complemented with solid gameplay. It is not yet available for Android devices, but soon it will start beta.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

asphalt 8

One of the world’s longest running race networks. Asphalt on rubber for a long time before the creation of the iPhone and Android. His eighth incarnation is the best: a huge number of unlockable cars, a comprehensive career mode and impressive online multiplayer races. Choose the best car for yourself – the choice is as wide as the choice of online casino slots. All online casinos today have a great selection of gambling games, often also with a theme of racing games, so visit this website and choose the best one for yourself.

Hovercraft Takedown

hovercraft takedown

In a colorful block hovercraft in which you’ll be playing in this game, there is a breath of Crossy Road. However, the game is a classic adventure game, with real joy resulting from the aspects of game development: you can design your own vehicle, load it with weapons and adapt it to your driving style.

Real Racing 3

real racing 3

The mutant aspects of Real Racing 3 triggered protests that surfaced in 2013, but the game has been developing pleasantly over the past three years, taming some of these early, aggressive hints. It looks fantastic, acts like a dream and offers a lot of depth when unlocking and improving cars when passing through your competition. Here too, online mode for many players is a big challenge.

Need for Speed: No Limits

need for speed

One of the largest console-based racing games has been smoothly translated into mobile devices in the latest version. It’s a well-known mixture of street racing and madness with overcoming sliding turns and strategic bonuses that NFS players are used to. As with Real Racing 3, there are many races where you can get the teeth.

Horizon Chase: World Tour

horizon tour

Now something more retro: if you’ve grown up in arcade games like Out Run, Horizon Chase will bring back memories. That’s more than a pure: 16-bit graphics are just right, but the controls on the touch screen work well, and the gameplay is so fresh that it lets you get in.



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