Best racing games you should try

If you did not pass the driving test again and you did not give up driving lessons, consider other methods. Could it be time for … computer games? Can racing on a virtual track help you to become a better driver?

Have you ever wondered how being criticized by some as a waste of time affect your ability to live a real life? Have you noticed that the hours spent in front of the computer screen have resulted in some reflex improvements in reality?

Games can improve your ability on the real highway

According to a study by researchers at the Chinese New York University Shanghai, driving with simulators using the steering wheel can improve your ability on the real highway. The same action games can also benefit from what you are driving – as a result of spending time in the virtual world, you can improve your visual-motor coordination and motivation – skills that are extremely important when driving a car.

According to research professor Li Li of New York University, Shanghai, five hours of games a week can bring those skills to the key when you sit behind the wheel.

The project compares the performance of players who fulfilled these requirements – that is, they spent at least 5 hours a week in a virtual world – from a group of people who did not. As it turned out, the players showed better eye coordination and were able to better “sense” the car in reality.

Playing on driving simulators and FPS games

What’s more, when the “laity” started playing on driving simulators and FPS games (first-person shooter, a game where the action is viewed from the perspective of the first person and uses mainly firearms), described above ability Which were not especially developed in them, improved.

Although more versions of the games are becoming more advanced in terms of graphics and gamers are getting more and more fun on the virtual roads, they are not, of course, able to give real and untainted driving details. As Lewis Hamilton, the three-time champion of Formula 1, approaches the simulators with greater reserves than the Chinese researchers, the current simulators are not very good. The virtual track does not feel the speed or shock, lack of feeling “body”, sense of reality, and accompanying emotions are completely different.

However, the fact that the games do not fully reflect the companionship of the car does not mean that the players do not benefit from them. If you believe in New York University Shaghai scientists, they significantly improve motor and visual-motor coordination. Is it true? Well, I guess everyone has to test it on their own skin.

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