Can You Live Without a Car

I have always said that if you feel you couldn’t start your days without coffee, or consider a life without a car impossible, you must try it.

We love everything about cars -driving, tinkering under the hood and watching them fly by on a race course. But if you feel addicted, prove to yourself that you aren’t.



living without a car

I live in Australia, I know how important a car is, especially if you live further down the city. But we are also tough and resourceful. Living 30 days without car will surely prove to a challenge you can take on, right?

By the way, this doesn’t mean you should change your life in any other way. Sitting at home all month would be cheating.

However, it is also understandable that it is much harder to achieve if you have a large family. Despite this, you are only on a race against yourself. Try to find a way and prove to yourself that you are capable of anything.


They say that it is much easier to do once it has been done for the first time, like breaking 10s mark in a 100m sprint.

 It’s fine to do your research – and there are a lot of people to learn from. I got this idea from Mr. moustache, a family blogger who has retired at 30 (but not really). Him and his wife have not had a job since 2005, nor do they own a car.


But as Pete aka Mr. Moustache say is that his advice applies to him, and may not apply for people who have 2 or more kids.

Whatever is your situation, you can find a person who has already done it whether it is a minimalist mom  or a single dad.

Some of them made arrangements with their bosses, others changed their jobs completely. This may lead to you understanding that maybe something in your life should be different? Whatever you think you cannot do, you actually can. Not saying this to be motivating, but because it’s true.

And hey, if you need another example, contact me with any questions.


Not owning a car can be very eye-opening. Especially in this disconnected world. You will have to talk to your neighbor, who you may not have spoken to for 3 years. You will take new routes to work, you will meet new people.

cycling to work

Plus, you will save a ton of money. Not as much as not owning a car at all (probably, you already payed for yours) but there are substantial costs in gas, maintenance, insurance and more. Make sure to spend the money you save on something you enjoy. You earned it, regardless of whether you click here for casino games or go out to the fanciest restaurant in town.

And make sure to share with us. Did you manage 30 days without a car? Will you do it again?

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