How to avoid an accident?

The behavior behind the wheel and the manner of everyday driving can, in fact, greatly affect the probability of getting into a traffic accident – so if you often and aggressively accelerate and also often brake, this probability is much higher, and if you know all the blind zones by heart Your car, properly set up rear-view mirrors, including salon, the probability of getting into an accident is greatly reduced. Let’s look at the basic principles of using the machine and managing it to learn how to avoid an accident.

  1. Constant control of the car begins with a convenient position behind the wheel, when you can get to all the necessary controls for it, and you do not interfere with foreign objects. Never leave bottles from anything under the driver’s seat and, especially under your feet – if the bottle goes under the brake pedal and blocks it, the result may be disastrous.
  2. Adjust the mirrors of the machine so that you can see the maximum space behind the car. Adjust the side mirrors so that the rear of the car can be seen only barely – this will reduce or completely neutralize the blind area of ​​the car when the interference is not quite behind, but slightly to the side of your car.
  3. Take the habit of always driving the wheel with both hands – not all manoeuvres in an emergency situation in the face of an accident can be done with one hand on the handlebars.
  4. Do not neglect vision problems – if you see bad, but think that you see well on the road, then know that this is not problems car
  5. The car may crash and lead to an accident in a number of ways, for example, with a broken tire, worn-out brakes, a broken windscreen wiper, etc. To avoid these unexpected situations, regularly check and maintain your vehicle properly.
  6. When driving in a dense stream of vehicles, if possible, control your lane for several cars ahead – this is not always possible, but in this way, you can avoid accidents by taking precautions such as braking or detouring obstacles in advance.
  7. Do not hold the blind zone of other cars – a little behind riding parallel alongside your blind areas
  8. Each car has blind areas, most often of which space is slightly behind and on the side of the car, not visible in the side rear view mirror, about half a meter in height and about a meter in length space immediately behind the car and the space behind the front pillar of the car. Always turn your head and know all the blind areas of your car. So, if you move forward with a certain speed, then because of the left front pillar you will not see a pedestrian moving relative to you from left to right and whose trajectory traverses your car.
  9. Many accidents occur because of a reassessment of the car’s capabilities by the driver – if, for example, you are angry with someone (who cut you, for example), then do not strongly manoeuvre and excessively get carried away by the accelerator and brake pedals – it can play a cruel joke with You.
  10. Most car accidents occur due to driver’s violation of points 9.10 and 10.1 of the traffic rules. Make the right conclusions from this!
  11. Driving is especially dangerous for a number of reasons. One of them is the poor visibility of the road. Two is the time when drivers feel the greatest fatigue. Three – in the evening and at night you have the greatest chance of meeting with a drunk driver.bad weather
  12. Bad weather conditions, such as ice, snow, fog and rain, are actually dangerous no matter what type of car you have, whether it is equipped with ABS and ESP or how well you drive.
  13. Excess speed is actually much more dangerous and useless than you probably think: if you win by 10%, the risk of getting into an accident is increased by at least 50%. In addition, fuel consumption is significantly increased (here, however, about speeds above 100-110 km / h), wear of many parts of the car, including tires, the impact of small stones and gravel on the paint coating of the car and a number of other risks.
  14. Remember always that children are not aware of the danger and therefore their behavior can often be unpredictable. Learn to understand and forgive the mistakes of other people, especially children and their parents – a mother can turn away only for a moment to check the games on this site, when her child already has time to jump out onto the road or run away from her at all (yes, often children run very fast), not understanding all essence of danger. This paragraph directly echoes paragraph 10 of this article.road rage
  15. Stay away from cars that go aggressively – often such drivers are actually not any professionals driving, but they are quietly ridden by social unfulfillments or something else in their psychological deviations.
  16. Have you ever travelled to the red light when you were in a great hurry? Know that some people do this very often simply out of habit or because of impatience. Remember that if you manage to cross the intersection to a yellow traffic light signal, then someone starts to get on without waiting for the green one – not always you can catch time to see each other in time and, moreover, have time to take all possible measures to avoid an accident.
  17. Do not ignore the side wind – it can indeed turn the car and, in addition, significantly deflect the rear – this is especially risky when driving at high speed along the road and in the summer before a thunderstorm.

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